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From the links at the top of the page please find the many photos that we took on our visit to Dogs In Need 2008 at the The Suffolk Showground, Ipswich on 12th and 13th August. The photos are broken down into 3 groups, those from Tuesday, Wednesday and of the W.A.G. team.

All photos were taken using a Canon 450D SLR camera at full 12 mega-pixels (4272x2848), the previews are reduced to 800x600 to save bandwidth!!

If you would like to get copies of the full resolution files I can email individual photos, but please be aware the originals range from 3Mb to 7.5Mb so please make sure you can receive emails of that size. Alternatively we can arrange, for a small fee, to send photos on CD-ROM. Email requests to us at: (please use the 'img_xxxx.jpg' name to the left of the photo).

Stephen and Amanda

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Last update: 14th August, 2008